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January 20, 2010


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Looks like this guy stole his sister's catholic school skirt. Not hot.

Ben Goodwin

Or possibly an old lamp shade. Either way, it's not flattering.

Diane Meier

It's not flattering - but neither is the tee shirt, with the sloppy neck, pulled out of shape. I think the message here - (at least for those of us who can't wait for Ben to begin producing smart, gutsy, fun kilts )-- is that men are clearly beginning to bridle against the narrow set of options in dress.

When we see a mainstream retailer, like H&M, experiment with something as risky as skirts for guys, something big is happening. They're reading the same signs we've seen that tell us men want far greater leeway in self-expression. And why wouldn't they? Casual Fridays have turned into schlumpy Fridays. We may have lost The Rules - but we didn't gain anything in expressive style.

Look at some old black and white movies of street scenes in New York and see the variety of stylish overcoats and all manner of hats, suits with pocket squares, some men carrying canes or umbrellas as a matter of course, and regardless of the weather - Now look at any block on 5th Avenue today. Sad, isn't it?

When we were doing our research for "The New American Wedding", the groom' attire was brought up to us again and again as an area where men longed for more direction, more support and a far greater variety of options -- so that they could also express their own sense of style and occasion.

Ben really 'gets' this. So - as they used to say - Watch This Spot. He's going to be doing great things. Don't let the dumpy H&M skirt scare you.


Ok, first off I really like what Diane says above and I say hurrah to that, but on the skirt in question I say I actually have two problems with it and neither is the skirt itself.

1) the tights. I get wearing a skirt/kilt/etc. but why he got be wearing... stockings? It totally wimps down the entire thing and makes it more of a cross-dressing statement rather than a man's skirt.

2) Needs a big belt. Man it up a bit. Women wear skirts without belts. Men only wear tuxes without a belt (or all hip hop, but that's another story)... throw a nice big buckle at the top (and different shirt, etc.) and ta-da! it would be pretty cool... maybe.

Honestly I think there's something to this skirt that I really like (and would TOTALLY fit Diane's comments about style) but H&M will probably never get there sadly.


True , we may not like this sample , but there is a market for skirts for men , and this was H&M first attempt to "feel" the male response .

They sold out (60 skirts) in two days !!!

They now say , that other models would be presented for summer 2010 ...

Jeanie Davan

Wow! I had not seen those yet... and really, not a good look.

But a recent photoshoot I did with my kilts also had one worn over pants and I think it looked okay... but it was a real kilt and made out of pleather.

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To those who oppose the idea of men in skirts (or ANY female fashion), I have to say this: The Declaration of Independence gives EVERYONE the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - and that includes the freedom to dress as you like!!! Obviously, people who are against male equality are also against the Declaration, and should get the hell out of America!!! They are anti - American!!!


i like here's what i would do with it

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