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November 25, 2008


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I remember that website. Its been hanging around the dusty back cornor of the Internets for some time.

In this argument my reply would be : Jesus never wore pants.


Oh give me a break. First and above all whoever wrote that article hasn't done their homework. The Scottish men were wearing kilts long before it became a fashion for women, not to mention who decreed that women have the market cornered on skirts in the first place. Sounds a little fearful from the writer of perhaps some gender identity issues. I don't even consider the wearing of a kilt as a gender issue at all. I certainly wouldn't dream of telling a guy in the Black Watch he was girlie. You would be missing teeth as a result. I just sewed my first kilt of my family tartan and am damn proud of it. Wear it often. So far it has all been favorable response and I am definatly not striving to please others with what I wear. It is a shame we haven't progressed as human beings to a level of understanding and acceptance.
Nuff said....


I have to say i agree and if the guy that wrote the article - he also would've seen that the kilt didn't use to be just a kilt but a whole robe - so even from old testament terms - i don't know where he is coming from.

I. Morrison

What a pile of offensive bilge not to mention a blasphemous abuse of the Bible. As already said scotsmen were wearing kilts centuries befor women were wearing knee length skirts. I come from the strictest Scottish Calvinist tradition which has much to say about women in trousers and men in women's clothes. I gaurentee they would make this twit look like a wooly liberal in every other aspect of theology. Even they have the wit to recognise this was man's appaerl long befor any woman showed her legs in a short skirt. How God must despair at the nutters who claim to speak in his name. Not only is it ill informed it is ignorant and frankly racist - and just try coming up against these kilted men in a fair fight and see how effeminate they are.


this guy should take a trip to the highland games and tell them how effeminate they look as they throw a telephone poll through the air. Would be interesting to
see what his opinion is then, odds are his bible will be shoved right up his @ss.

he should also do his homework on the british military, highland regiments, black watch. these guys wore/wear kilts.


He does not correctly understand masculinity. I am thinking of a particular non-Scot, Polish-American Bill Kazmaier. Kaz as he became known won the World's Strongest Man contest several times. There's a photo of him floating about the Internet with him in a predominantly blue tartan "kilt." His back development suggested a man who could wrestle a Kodiak bear. However, he "only" overturned a full size automobile---engine and transmission included---on a level surface---by himself. Picture Kaz sharpening Stewart's heels and driving him into the ground! To take my statements to a still higher plane, consider the Greek guards!


Oh come on guys. This website isn't meant to be taken seriously. The guy behind it is having some fun, and he laughs his butt off every time someone gets angry about it.

I'm Scottish, I sometimes wear the kilt, and I find the website a hoot.

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